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Art Events 7,8, 9. and 10

  1. 7. The Silence and Noise event that was presented by Cal State San Marcos on December 9th of this semester was quite well done. I would not have attended it had I not known that I needed more art event and that free food was offered at, though and it was an event I was glad I saw. There were works that were presented by the art students that attend our school and they were quite well done to be perfectly honest. The art students had work that I did not even know would be a style of today. I feel that this event was relevant to this class because the art was from various different media like the event in October since it was done by San Marcos students as well. The art had themes that could be seen as representational and nonrepresentational I truly enjoyed the experience and was quite glad that though I was required it helped to give me ideas on pieces that I can do once the semester is over. The event could be relevant to the class since the work is by students that are actually at the school and helps to show what the students are capable of creating.

8.My friend goes to Cal State San Bernardino and he told me of an event that the students were putting on. This event was possibly to coolest one I have actually attended that college students put on. There were kegs at this museum which I have never actually seen before at any event to my knowledge besides the Santa Ana art walk which sometimes has wine at their events but never full on kegs. This event was in the Raffma Museum from the end of September to the tenth of December. I went on the opening day which is probably why kegs were present. It was quite awesome the art that was present at this event was based upon confections of today or otherwise known as sweets. These were really cool to see as well. The art had a different feel to it than the art that has been presented by the students of San Marcos. This was also an interesting aspect since I could see the styles that other students have than just the ones that are preset in the students that attend our school.

9. I actually had a piece in an exhibit at the beginning of the semester. There was a competition in the Carlsbad area for a pet drawing, painting, or anything else that could represent a pet importance in someones life. This event ended on September 2nd. It began on the 1st of August. I was super stoked to actually have something that I did be in an exhibit. The competition had over two- hundred submissions and had fifty-five that were chosen and mine was one of them. Mine was an acrylic of my dog as a griffin. I just did it because I thought it would be fun I did not actually think it would be chosen to be part of the exhibit. Though there was not an actual prize for being in a competition just being selected to be in it was awesome. I have never had anything that I have done win anything so it was a very rewarding experience. Seeing the exhibit was hilarious as well, there were paintings and installation art pieces with peoples art with their animals that was far more weird than mine. The pieces consisted of styles that were folk art, pop art, water colors, acrylics, oil paints, and many other styes that I would not have known had I not submitted my piece.

10. The last event I attended was not totally an event but I think that it should count as one. It was also at California State University of San Bernardino, it was not actually an exhibit but I adventured through out the entire art department that the school had to offer. This was during September around the 15th, by this time the students had some of their work done as well as assignments that professors had given them of what to paint. I felt the art students were very skilled that attend this school. The building that the students had their work in is a far larger area than the one that is present at our school where there is more space for each student to create what they want to. The pieces that I saw were well done and had great usage of acrylic and oil as a media. The pieces were stunning and I thought they were quite fantastic. Each student had their own style that they presented in each painting and I feel that I was able to learn a lot more than I could have just from browsing paintings on the internet. I think that from this experience I can take away new ways to look at painting and a different way to paint for my own style.

Art Events 1-6

1. An event that I attended that was also put on by the Art department at San Marcos was Chela put on by Dulce Maria Solis. I was excited to see this show again. I had seen it at a different point in the year a few semesters ago so it was cool to get to see it again. I felt that though this was not a form of art that necessarily utilized photoshop capabilities it was still useful in helping to show the many ways that art is present in the everyday life. Chela was the story of an immigrant woman and her trials and tribulations growing up and going through a rather rough life. It is also relevant to what we were learning in class because her story could be considered a topic of passion for her as an artist. She does this show and purveys her story to anyone that is in the audience so she is passing on her knowledge and her experiences onto those that will listen.

2.The next art event that I went to was located at the San Diego Art Museum. I went here on November 1st of 2011. This museum was so amazing, there were paintings by Dali, Virginia O’ Keefe, El Greco, Picasso, Van Gogh, and several other Renaissance painters as well as contemporary ones. This museum held art that I had not priorly knew of or even knew existed. The San Diego Art Museum is related to what we are learning in class because the Art museum could potentially give idea for future use and is inspirational for pushing artists to want to be in the museum in later years. This is relative to class due to the nature of art that was in the museum as well. There was an entire exhibit dedicated to photography and the types of modern art that are existing today. The photography that was shown had political meanings to it as well as alterations to the actual photo, these alterations can be performed in photoshop making it be useful for this class.

3. I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla on December 1st. There were various exhibits that were present at this museum as well. I found the usage of installation art pieces in the exhibit quite interesting. There were several piece that I enjoyed while walking through the museum. The first one that made an impression on me was a Green Corridor. This corridor as a small hallway the patrons of the museum were to walk through all the while staring at a green light above the hallway. Immediately upon exiting the hallway the world changes color and becomes magenta. I suspect that this is caused by overstraining of the green cones in the eyes to where the blue and red are the ones that are active. This can also be a source of the impressionist movement. The other pieces that I enjoyed were the Zero Mass installation, Window installation, and a piece that was in the garden that was a canon seesaw. These pieces were all stunning in their own way as well as inspirational. This can be applied to class simply be being the basics of art that is placed in an environment. Since we use photoshop to place pieces that are not naturally there or to take them away is useful in real life situations.

4. Earlier in November I went to the Santa Ana Art walk. The art walk tends to be the first Friday and Saturday of the month in Santa Ana. I have actually attended this event on various other occasions just because it is a very fun experience and area to be in. The art walk is has several artists work on display. From students that are in art school, artists who want to get their work known, as well as people that are selling their artwork from studios. People have their apartments open to the public to view their work. Its a really cool experience getting to see all the work that people can produce and seeing what style of art is up and coming in the world of today. I liked being able to be in this atmosphere because there were so many people that were present just viewing the art that it gave me hope that hands on or fine art still has a place and is not totally outdated. I think this could relate to our class and what we were learning since the art that was presented in the art walk was inspirational in the ways of pop art and other styles that could be useful in figuring out how to put different style together to  create an entirely new piece of work.

5.I went to the exhibit that was up during Halloween time in the Arts 100 building. The exhibit had paintings, photographs, clothing that had been sewn into outfits, and people dressed up as zombies on the opening day of it. I believe it was on the 20th of October, the pieces that were on display were rather well done and I felt it was relevant to what we were learning in class due to the nature of the photograph style that were used and the methods that students used. The photographs had been altered to make certain aspects of it pop so I found this interesting.The artwork that was around the building also varied in the media that was used to create the pieces. The photography styles allowed for a new view of Halloween, while the paintings exhibited a creepy aspect that does not usually come out in paintings.

6.The event that was the new play festivals event which had four other plays involved in it. This event went from December first through the seventh. I went to the event on December 6th due to not really requiring a fee to see it. The Event was a series of short plays that were based on the lives of students that actually go to the school that were children of the foster care system. These short plays were really interesting and and it was amazing to see that these stories were actually based on reality and were quite well done for being still students and learning how to do all of the things required to put on a  nice show. Warrior Spirit, A Bad Kid, K is for Key, and Puddles were the short plays that were put on by the students, Warrior Spirt was by Olivia Espinosa, A Bad Kid written by Katie Harroff, K is for Key by Erika Phillips, and Puddles was by Crystal Caton, I found it interesting the the stories were written by females and that the short plays were not written by men which prior to going I would have thought it was more boys in the foster care system.

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